If you didn’t catch it from my first post about freshly opened jars, you should know this about me: I like clean, fresh, well-arranged things (and apparently so do my fellow bloggers). Sure some might call it anal or, in a fit of extreme exaggeration, OCD, but I like to think of it simply as an overly-developed aesthetic eye.

A clean desk, a well-ordered personal space, is one of the most beautiful things known to man. Mind you, clean does not necessitate clear. A clear desk has little personality and certainly little function. A desk requires a variety of knick knacks of various shapes and sizes, the staple pile of “I-swear-I’m-reading-these” books, several writing utensils, and things to write on (laptop, paper, notepads, etc).

The key to not allowing this to become clutter (bet you didn’t expect to be getting desk advice in a Beautiful Everyday Things post but we – meaning I – like to keep things interesting) is lines. Straight lines. Everything needs to be lined up as straight as a _____ (I have literally attempted for two days to find a fitting simile but due to a lack of satisfaction with any of my attempts, will leave it up to you). Each item should lie perpendicular or parallel to everything else (if it’s a circular item, imagine it surrounded by a square and line the square up).

Ok, granted, that’s just my advice but if you follow it, I would look at your nice, clean, well-arranged desk and say to myself, “now that’s a beautiful everyday thing!”