I was busily bustling about at work the other day, when the secretary for my office came in, gave me a secretive smile, and said, “There’s a delivery for you!” I’m going to be honest, I groaned at first. I have a very loud and exuberant family, so naturally my first instinct was to assume that there was a gargantuan marching band in the foyer waiting to serenade the entire building.

Instead, there was a bouquet of beautiful roses in a myriad of colors: peach, yellow, red, white, and other combinations. I squealed a little bit. My mommy had brought me roses for my birthday (as well as lunch!).

Receiving roses produces a very singular feeling. It’s more than just the excitement of getting a present. These are roses. Roses symbolize love, friendship, well wishes, etc., which is quite a lot of responsibility for one flower! Giving the gift of roses says you care, really care. Plus, they tend to be pricey!

I’ve received roses twice in my life and both times made me feel glamorous, giddy, and giggly. I call it “Roses syndrome.”

Many may say roses are cliché. I say that they are one of the most beautifulest and specialest (so special that they defy the rules of grammar) everyday things ever!