On an average day, you will find on my bed some combination of opened and unopened mail, dirty and clean clothes, a computer, things formerly in my purse and my purse with its contents, and actual bedding. But on days like today, those things are cast off, either to their proper places or my floor.

On days like today, I decide to do my laundry. I wait around for that moment when I can pull my bedding out of the dryer. The warmest sheet becomes a cloak, freshly washed, fabric softened, and warmed by the dryer. Once my bed is made, I crawl under the sheets and soak up the warmth that surrounds me. My pillowcases, sheets, and today, even my airplane blanket from a week ago and my stuffed dog, Wallace, carry the scent of fabric softener.

I lay completely flat on my back and spread my legs out as far as they go, feet touching nothing but blankets. Nothing falls off of my bed, and I am content.