This post was orginially written on July 24, 2011 while I was working at Camp Kern, a boy scout camp on Huntington Lake. 

I stand around the camp fire with my arms around my coworkers as we form a circle, singing about how we just want to linger around this fire a little bit longer. The flames dance in the fire pit and every once in a while, little gold embers fly up towards heaven. The fire radiates heat, bringing us all closer together to be a part of the warmth. I’m not sure if the warmth comes more from the fire or the bond of friendship. Regardless, I can’t pull my eyes away from the fire. There is a beauty in the fire. The flames can be dangerous, yet tonight they are comforting. It is an ancient beauty. People have been gathering around fires since the beginning of mankind. And as I stand in a circle with my coworkers I feel the weight of humanity. All of our joys, sorrows, laughter, and pain. We are a community, gathered around dancing flames because as humans we can’t bear to be apart.