I dig through my files, pulling out documents I want to save. I finger the pages, all written or touched by my hands. “Why keep files and files, when I can have a couple of folders on my laptop?” So my thoughts run as I sit in a corner, by the Epson Workforce 520 printer-scanner-fax. I see notes that I have forgotten taking. In the margins reside love notes which are now painfully irrelevant.

I notice that I doodle less than I used to and wonder if that’s a bad thing.¬†Probably.

It’s a massive project, one that takes me down memory lane in a unique way. But the end product is beautiful – a window on my screen, containing the handwritten notes I spent so many hours taking; now in easy, searchable, pdf form.

Or maybe, I should have left them all in their files. Beauty is like that, I guess – hard to define.