I look out my window and see a spider outside. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “a spider? What a horrible way to start a post about beautiful things.” Yeah, I know, it really is. And I’m not even writing about an amazing web he made (because he didn’t, it was just a single pathetic strand) or the incredible intricacy that allows him to have eight legs working at once because that doesn’t really amaze me right now.

But I do live on the 28th floor; so that window out of which I look is about 300 feet in the air and the spider is happily crawling along. He takes advantage of something he had no part in building, standing on the shoulders of giants, going about his life. There is something beautiful in realizing the spider has never talked to the architect of the building, and probably isn’t amazed by its size or the fact that hundreds of people live in it – he’s just living, on the shoulders of someone else. Like we all do. Beautiful.