Honestly, if you know me well, you’d expect the title of that post to be “Rain.” And it’s not that I don’t like the rain; in fact, I love it. But moving to Vancouver has made me a little more balanced. It’s made me not dislike the sunshine in contrast to the rain. I think I love them both now.

Here’s why the sunshine is so beautiful:

1. I can see the mountains out my window. Clouds, while they do great and beautiful and cool things often block my view of the mountains across the water. Granted, that is an extremely selfish reason to love sunshine but it’s true.

2. Everyone in Vancouver gets really happy when it’s sunny. It’s almost disturbing actually. On a day that I would just dismiss as a regular, nice, Southern California day, everyone is beaming and saying how much they just want to be outside.

I guess it’s not the sunshine itself but its effects that I find beautiful, but perhaps that will change when it rains everyday in November. We’ll see.