On Thursday evening I was walking across campus to our weekly OCF (Orthodox Christian Fellowship) meeting. It was just after six o’clock, and (thanks to daylight savings) the sun was still shining. As I walked past the duck pond near the middle of campus, I heard a bird singing. Everything else was quiet, save for the soft, watery sounds of the fountains in the pond. I looked up and saw, perched on a west-facing branch of a large tree, a single robin, singing toward the sun. His rusty red breast shone in the late-afternoon light and I was close enough to see it expand with every breath.

I stopped walking and watched him for a few moments. I forgot about my stress and my deadlines and just enjoyed this lovely little creature and his beautiful song. Every note echoed off of the nearby buildings and seemed to fill the air. He never has to practice. He just does exactly what God made him to do.