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Seven hour shift. T-shirts and tourists and staring at a screen. The same old songs on the same old noisy radio station.

I walk outside, just to be outside. The street is a bit quieter now. I breathe in the warm, outside air. The sun is low, but my eyes hurt for a moment in the natural light.

I look at nothing in particular: a woman in a floral shirt walks on the other side of the street; a car sidles by; the brown adobe buildings sit heavily, ponderously, waiting for the end of time.

The breeze ruffles my clothes and tickles my skin. I watch the green treetops dance. Somewhere a wind chime sings its low, clinky, irregular song.

I close my eyes.

I do nothing.


Today is brought to you by the color green.

I am on my lunch break on the first day of my summer internship at a local magazine. I am eating an avocado, drinking from a green Nalgene bottle, and saving my kiwi fruit for dessert. I am writing this in the break room, on my laptop which has a green desktop background. The front of the building that houses the magazine’s office is painted bright green, as are the walls in the bathroom.

Green is a good color for summer.

Green is life, warmth, water, growth.

Green is good.

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