Alysa Spolidoro

Favorite BETs: Daisies. Clouds. Buttons.

Bethany Miller (Creator)

Favorite BETs: The smell after it rains. Laughing until you can’t breathe. Being so drawn into a book that you lose track of time.

Bryanne Woodcock

Favorite BETs: Loose leaf teas from around the world. Re-watching my favorite childhood movies. Sleeping in a pile of all my stuffed animals.

Elaine K. Phillips

Favorite BETs: My niece sketching the cliffs at Pismo Beach. Curry, cumin, red pepper, and fresh mango. Laughing at David Tennant’s facial expressions with my housemates. 

Elizabeth Kobayashi

Favorite BETs: My siblings. Stars. Babies.

Hannah Rose

Favorite BETs: Clinking ice cubes. Half-smothering hugs. Late afternoon light. 

Jonathan Diaz

Favorite BETs: A good glass, with thick walls and a heavy base. Children laughing and yelling in Spanish. Music played by people I know.

Kelsey Osterman

Favorite BETs: My daily java, perfectly crafted. Sparrows. Cozy fleece blankets.

Mark Harbison

Favorite BETs: Ducks. Familial love. Playing cards.

Matt Timms

Favorite BETs: The smell of fresh laundry after using Bounce “Outdoor Fresh” fabric softener sheets. An ordered desk in which all objects are lined up parallel and perpendicular to the others. The deep blue of the night sky after the sun has set but it’s not deep enough to be black.

Melissa Gutierrez

Favorite BETs: Power naps (especially with a good cuddle buddy). Finding old photos of great memories. Catching the sunrise.

Rachel Harris

Favorite BETs: Smiles. Nature. Books.

Robynne Peterson

Favorite BETs: The look on my nephew’s face when he sees me for the first time in weeks. The sounds my different homes make. Bookshelves.

Sara Brio

Favorite BETs: Diet Coke. The smell of old books. Hugs.

Sarah Parro

Favorite BETs: The sky. The sound of the dishwasher. My husband’s toothbrush in the holder next to mine.

Siobhan O’Rourke

Favorite BETs: Books. Daisies. Sunshine.